There are a lot of ways that we’re a lot like other IT providers… we love technology, and we love solving business problems with IT. However, it's the things that set us apart that we want to focus on.

You are Going to Know and Trust the People Who Work With You

Often, when you call a company to get technical support, you are routed through to a random, entry-level technician or non-technical dispatch person, and you have to explain your issue to someone who has no knowledge of your company, your goals, your priorities, or your overall technology. Each new support call requires you to reintroduce yourself to a totally new individual; it’s a huge waste of time and totally isolates you from the company you pay to support your IT.

With BSGTech, each client gets assigned to a small team of 3 or 4 engineers, and 90% of your calls will be answered by someone on your team who is intimately familiar with your IT and can handle any concerns or issues quickly without making you jump through hoops.

We’ve Created a Company Built to Benefit You

Our company culture is built around four core tenets:

1. Honesty

Whether we’re interacting with one another or with our clientele, our communications and actions are built on a foundation of integrity, respect, and openness.

2. Accountability

Our responsibility is to provide our clientele with direct improvements to their business, in such a way that these improvements can be sustainable. We do so by providing the right solutions the first time.

3. Commitment

We are driven to provide the IT support, services, and solutions that exceed expectations for our clientele.

4. Evolve and Adapt

We can always do better, so we are constantly striving to do so for the benefit of our clients.

Our Methodology is a Little Different, Too

When your business works with BSGTech, you can anticipate a particular process:

  • We’ll assess your business’ current situation to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Once this information has been collected, we’ll act as an architect to capitalize on these opportunities.
  • We’ll then establish a project plan, strategizing the ideal way to improve your business’ technology.
  • Once a strategy has been developed, we’ll implement it on your behalf.
  • As we do so, we’ll fully document the processes and all configurations for your reference.
  • Once your network and IT is in place and functioning, we’ll be there to provide you with any support needed.

Reach Out to Us to Learn More About What Makes Us Your Best Choice

To find out more about our managed services and the benefits you can enjoy by subscribing to them, feel free to explore the rest of our website—or, even better, give us a call at (866) 546-1004. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about your IT.

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