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There’s No Good Reason to Not Use a VPN

There’s No Good Reason to Not Use a VPN

With the COVID-19 pandemic came many organizations who were forced, at the turn of a hat, to transition to remote work rather than in-office operations. While this came with many twists and turns, ultimately, businesses managed to figure it out in the end, and it’s all thanks to remote technology. Unfortunately, one of the biggest pitfalls of working remotely—security—still plagues many organizations.

One method many businesses use to secure their networks for remote employees is a virtual private network or VPN.

What is a VPN?

VPNs give your devices the ability to connect to your network in an encrypted, secure way. Basically, this connection creates an encrypted “tunnel” between your device and the network, allowing for the secure transmission of data. This keeps any onlookers from observing the data flowing to and from your device, securing your data and privacy while it’s in transit.

Let’s compare it to transporting a liquid through a pipe. If the pipe is solid, then you can’t see what is flowing through it. If the pipe is clear, then you can see everything that is in it. Encryption is like an opaque pipe in that you can see that there is something in it, but you can’t see exactly what it is. It essentially jumbles the data while it’s in transit, reassembling it when it arrives at its intended destination.

How Does It Help Your Business?

It doesn’t take much to see how this could benefit remote employees. Since they are not working with the protections of an in-house network, there is more risk associated with going about their day-to-day responsibilities while working out of the office. Thus, encryption is crucial to keeping your organization’s data safe, especially during these days where many employees are working remotely, many through unsecured networks and Internet connections.

Now, consider what it would feel like to know that your network security was shored up for all employees while out of the office. Employees who must frequently go about their business while out and about could do so in a safe manner, working from anywhere with enhanced productivity and peace of mind. A VPN grants this, providing a secure connection even while utilizing public Wi-Fi connections.

The only proper way to ensure that your network is secure while out of the office is to use a VPN, plain and simple. There is no reason not to use one.

Get Started with a VPN Today

Don’t let something as simple as not having a VPN be the reason your organization suffers from a data breach or theft incident. Contact BSGtech today to equip your organization with a virtual private network designed with your business in mind. To learn more, reach out to us at (866) 546-1004.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

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