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Troubleshoot Your Technology Problems Better with These 5 Suggestions

Troubleshoot Your Technology Problems Better with These 5 Suggestions

When you experience technical difficulties, do you have a process in place to make sure that the problem is resolved in a timely fashion? This process is known as troubleshooting, but it can be a lengthy process when pulled off correctly. Let’s make sure that your staff are all on the same page with the five critical steps of troubleshooting any problems your business encounters with technology.

Collect Information

First, you will need to collect as much information about the problem as you can. What is the issue, and what is the scope of the problem? Is it just one small thing occurring on a single PC, or is it a network-wide issue that must be addressed? The more information you collect on the issue, the more informed your decisions moving forward will be. If you can, try to replicate the issue to see if you can find the cause.

Analyze Your Approach

Next, let’s use the information you’ve collected to determine the best path forward. Is there anything relevant in your information and data that you can use to solve the problem at hand? Depending on what you find, you will have to adjust your approach. In any case, your plan will be informed by the data you collect, so be sure that you have collected enough to know what you should do moving forward.

Implement Your Solution

Now that you have a solid game plan, you’ll need to implement the proposed solution to your issue. We want to make sure that you understand this next part: only implement a solution that you know solves the problem. If you are not confident in the technology you implement, then more research is needed. You don’t want to implement the wrong solution and have to backpedal further.

Assess the Solution

Following implementation, it’s time to assess whether or not the solution worked, and how well it worked. Some solutions might be simple stop-gaps that provide temporary fixes for larger problems, so be sure that you know the difference between the two and set realistic expectations for what your solution will accomplish. If it works, then great; but how well does it work, and what could be done better in the future?

Document the Process

With your solution implemented, you will need to take the time to update your internal documents and procedures to include the fix, as well as any policies or procedures surrounding it. Document the process from start to finish to help those who come after you. This helps to keep anyone new within your business in the know regarding important resolutions and fixes.

BSGtech can help you troubleshoot your technology needs. To learn more, reach out to us at (866) 546-1004.

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Tuesday, 07 December 2021

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